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I ordered 2 necklaces on Nov. 17, thinking order early so I can get it before Christmas.

Got notices from them saying it was shipped out. Nothing was ever delivered. After corresponding with them for over the last month saying that there still is no sign of the item and I asked within the email if they show when it was sent to my local post office. They said it was received by my post office on Dec.

8, but the fishy thing is that I had gotten emails from them prior to this saying it was to be delivered on Dec. 6....then the 7th. So how can that be? I went to my post office today and they looked and looked and them manager pulled up records to show that a package WAS NEVER received by them.

And to get a refund for non-delivery from the post office, they need a mailing address of where the item came from, which I did ask Getnamenecklace for, and there is NONE. No phone number, nothing!!!

If you see positive comments about them, I have a feeling it is them that are putting them on there to keep the scam going. So, do not be another victim of this company.

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